Inspiration is everywhere: a glance, touch, scent or sound away.

I was born in the Cowichan Valley and started drawing as soon a I was able to wield a pencil without poking my eye out. Although I have been painting full-time professionally since 1997, when I had the opportunity (and time) to attend colour theory classes at Vancouver Island School of Art, something I had been promising myself for many, many years, I jumped at the chance. These classes then led to further development in design and abstract expressionism.

"Her inherent use of colour and command of materials are evident in the many styles she has mastered." Deborah Boileau, owner and curator of Sopa Fine Arts in Kelowna.

I'm not a formula painter; series have never held my attention for longer than about five paintings, and then it's on to something else, although I may revisit that series again later. I try not to be influenced by the market, to repeat the same thing over and over with little variation.

Working from my small studio on a lovely 30 acre, 100 year old farm, I am quite content to be a tortoise in the world full of hares. From here, and through galleries patient enough to represent me, paintings have shipped throughout Canada, the United States, and as far afield as England, Switzerland, Japan and Australia.

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